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Name: Reasse

From: Mountain Home, ID

Age: 24

Makeup application is like composing a piece of literature –it will always need some editing in order to achieve a polished masterpiece. Reasse’s makeup look for a girl’s night out sure demonstrates how makeup is a form of self-expression –one is always free to play with fun color choices and combinations to match every mood, outfit or occasion. But for a more refined look, Reasee could have modified her color palette for a more cohesive finish. Each makeup component of her look is flawless –the eye is bold and vibrant with the gray, green and gold gradient. The cat-eye is clean and precise and her long and thick lashes open up her eyes beautifully. The blending is gorgeous, complementing her well-shaped brows. The highlighting on the bridge of the nose and on the apple of the cheeks flatters her features while leaving her with a soft glow. Her multi-dimensional ombré lip is on point as well, accentuating her cupid’s bow and full lips. Reasee definitely, has successfully executed some of-the-moment makeup trends but when combined all together, can come off as too heavy. One must always remember the rule of proportions when applying makeup –if going for bold eyes, pair it with a soft lip. If going for a strong lip, pair it with subtle eye makeup. But overall, the makeup exhibits a fun and adventurous personality that will without a doubt, have lots of memorable fun with her girls on a night out.

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