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Best Makeup Artist #2 - Mind-Boggling Body Art

Using acrylic paints and human bodies for her canvas (plus a whole lot of imagination), Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho gives a refreshing new take on makeup. With an intriguing mix of fun, humor and horror, her optical illusions are both celebrations of the body and diverse artistic expressions.

Human bodies give an interesting dimension to her realistic, 3D artworks. Whether it’s a face with four eyes and a distorted mouth, a man’s face at the back of a head or a pickle that appears to be a banana (or vice versa) –her images are meant to be beyond literal, encouraging dialogue between audiences and teaching us the lesson that not everything appears as it seems.

Are her works the “new real?” Every detail appears so true and convincing that any spectator would start believing in an alternate form of reality. Can one really skin a fish like peeling a banana? Can a man roll up his skin like a shirt to reveal his ribs? And can a hand work as a remote control? Scroll down and prepare to almost question everything you know. (And No. None of these photos were photoshopped).


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