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The average woman eats six pounds of lipstick in her lifetime?

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Have you ever wondered how much lipstick actually gets into our body during our lifetime? If you search on the internet, most of the articles say about six or seven pounds. However, this widely circulated myth turns out to be false. According to, a woman would have to apply AND consume her lipstick 9 to 31 times a day-- EVERY day-- for 55 years in order to eat six pounds of lipstick over her lifetime. While it’s still possible for a person to consume some lipsticks over time, the amount is actually quite low. It’s very unlikely that you would eat lipstick the size of three quart of milks over the course of your lifetime. For those of you who can’t live without lipstick, now you have no reason to hold back from making your lips look beautiful by adding the colors they well deserve.


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