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Best Makeup Artists Series #1 – Halloween Inspirations

October is a fun month because you can finally get a chance to use your creativity to dress up and decorate for Halloween. You can also find some legal excuses to create anything and everything spooky, including makeup. Need some inspiration? We found some of the most bizarre makeup creations by Canada-based makeup artist Mimi Choi. At first glance, these makeup looks may appear horrific. But for us, we see them as extraordinarily creative. Take a look at some of her works below and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.


Mimi Choi


Halloween makeup


lip makeup


eye makeup


best makeup


best makeup artist


best makeup tips


3-D makeup


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best makeup tips

Seeing Mimi’s makeup-free face (last photo) is a wonder to behold. It’s quite amazing to see such a beautiful face transform into fantastical creatures -definitely a new take on makeup application, but just as captivating. If you enjoyed seeing all these makeup transformations, our series of blog posts will allow you to join a fun and thrilling ride. We are going to showcase some of best makeup artists from around the world and their work in our next few blog posts, so stay tuned for the upcoming Best Makeup Artist series.

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