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What is Makeup Submit?

Over the past few decades, makeup has become more than a fashion or a trend, but rather a part of the routine in our daily lives. Whether it’s for a hobby, attending a wedding, going on a blind date or even it’s just for fun, don’t forget that there are always people looking at your face. The average cost of having a professional makeup artist done your makeup could be range from $50 - $300. Your alternative to save some money is probably search for makeup tutorials on Youtube and Google and become a self-taught makeup enthusiast. The questions are, how do you know if you really do it right yourself? How do you know if your makeup looks good or appropriate? How often do you receive comment or feedback from people about your makeup looks, the piece of artwork that you potentially spent hours of putting the effort on?


Have you ever seen someone’s makeup and you felt that she applied way too much eyeshadow on?  Did you think that the color of her lipstick didn’t go well with her skin tone? Or maybe you liked her makeup a lot and wanted to tell her, “Oh my gosh! That eye shadow looks so gorgeous on you!” That's exactly the reason why Makeup Submit was born: we are here to provide you with honest feedback and advice so you can have more confidence in your makeup skills!

Our Mission

If you want to show off your makeup application skills, if you want to sharpen your technique, or if you’re uncertain if your makeup looks good on you, then you have come to the right place. We have the greatest makeup experts in our network. They will become your audiences and choose some of your photos to discuss on our blog each week. All you have to do is simply send us a snap shot of your face before and after applying your makeup, and our makeup experts will review them. We’re not product based, but if you would like to receive notification on cosmetic sales and coupons, then be sure to subscribe to us. When it comes to makeup artistry, we believe skill is more important than anything.

Are you ready to test your skills?

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Makeup Submit

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The best makeup beauty blog that provides makeup tips, makeup helps,  and makeup advice on your makeup looks. Submit your own photos and get feedback from our makeup experts.

Makeup Submit 

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