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Best Makeup Artists #3 - Makeup Illusionist

A 22-year-old makeup artist has picked the most dynamic and animated canvas of all –the human face –to showcase art illusions. South Korean artist Dain Yoon has literally blurred the lines between real and fantasy by turning makeup into optical illusions –beauty looks that undoubtedly always earn double takes as they evoke mystery and a little bit of trickery.

Dain discovered her calling at a young age when she realized her passion for realistic painting. She has always been fascinated by people’s ever-changing expressions and translating them in a three-dimensional way. Using her exceptional imagination, skilled hands and a combination of makeup, body paints and watercolors, she transforms her face into a mutated beauty sporting multiple eyes and fingers, or camouflaging her face to blend with an outdoor image. Audiences can’t help but get entranced and be placed under her creative spell. Her mesmerizing art work can take up to 12 hours to finish, using a mirror and a camera to check her progress and maintain the perfect mix of realism and illusion.

Want to know what 12 hours of work can achieve? Prepare to be dazzled and get a glimpse of makeup that is almost seemingly like magic. Take a look at some of Yoon’s masterpieces and get ready to get entranced and be placed under her creative spell.

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