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Tips For Smokey Eye Colors To Choose And Avoid

The Smokey Eye is a timeless look and is universally flattering. However, when applying this look, you don't have to just stick to black shadow! Other dark colors can be used to create this look and can give it a more unique twist. The one issue you may face is wondering what color you should choose for your smokey eye.

For brown eyes, a navy blue or dark copper is a great smokey eye choice.

Brown eyes should typically stay away from any shades of brown or grey.

For blue eyes, a deep eggplant or a dark brown color is very complimentary.

Blue eyes should avoid any blue shades or red-based shades.

For green eyes, try a deep burgundy or a dark violet would be perfect.

Green eyes should not choose a blue-based shade.

For hazel eyes, a dark gold or an earthy, deep brown would look amazing.

Hazel eyes should typically avoid any blue or green shades.

For grey eyes, a deep indigo or a rich charcoal color would be very flattering.

Grey eyes should not be paired with any brown or gold colors.

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