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Become A Pro at Applying Highlighter

Highlighter can give your face a fresh, subtle glow and make you look more awake. It also helps to add definition to the natural structure of your face.

If you are new to this glimmering trend, the good news is that it's easy to master. The most important part of applying highlighter is knowing where to apply it.

Here are the places on your face where you can apply highlighter (of course, you can choose all of the places, some of the places, or just one, depending on how much you want to embrace the look).

1) Right above the cheekbones

2) Above the eyebrows

3) On the bridge of the nose

4) Directly below the eyebrows/above the eyelids

5) On the inner corner of the eyelids

6) On the center of the chin

7) Directly below the nose/above the upper lip

8) Mixed with foundation for an all-over luminous look

Need some highlighter suggestions?

Try this Tarte highlighter on sale for $24 now!

Tarte highlighter


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