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A Romantic Night Out

Name: Sarah

From: San Diego, CA

Occasions: Dinner and a movie

A dinner and movie date calls for a beauty look that blends the perfect mix of sweet, sultry, fun and romantic. Sounds tricky? Sarah here is a lovely example of how to do it right. First, she chose eye shadow colors that complement her skin tone well. And second, her blending was done right plus, her eyebrows were expertly shaped and filled in. She has stunning eyes. To make them look even more striking and lively, she could use a slightly shimmery shadow near her tear ducts on the eye’s inner corner, as well as directly under the arch of her brow bones. She was able to achieve a nice and even skin tone –no caking, and she looks fresh and glowing! To add a bit more depth and to flatter her features more, she could also do some face contouring on the cheek and temple areas. This is an attractive and eye-catching look overall, and we love her charming smile. Sarah certainly knows what colors work for her, especially on a laidback occasion such as a dinner and movie night.

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