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Name: Dixie

From: Semmes, Alabama U.S

Age: 29

Occasions: Everyday makeup

One of the best ways to learn how to do makeup is by getting inspiration from your favorite celebrities and bloggers. Who doesn’t want to look ready for a photo shoot or the red carpet? Dixie for example, is channeling her inner star with an ultra-glam look. The gold smokey eye is definitely a fabulous alternative to the usual, charcoal-heavy dramatic eyes. And of course, some sparkle during the day is always a good idea. When it comes to shimmery looks however, a little goes a long way. Tip 1: Primer is always key for dramatic eye looks. A primer will help smoothen the skin prior to makeup application, preventing creasing and caking. Tip 2: Adding shimmer on the tear duct area will make eyes look brighter and bigger, but only a hint of it should be applied and should not be spread out around the area. Tip 3: The lower lash liner should always be softer than the upper eyeliner. A dark look is okay, but it must be blended on the outer edge in order to transition seamlessly to a softer look towards the tear duct. And since Dixie has small lips, a few techniques could’ve enhanced them. She can play up her cupid’s bow by applying highlighter in the middle of the upper line to reflect light or, she can trace the outer ridge of her lips with lip liner (as opposed to inside or just along the line) then fill in her pout with lipstick. And gloss is always better than dark lipsticks. Glossy lips will pick up natural light, making them look fuller.

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