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Fun With Makeup

Name: Sami

From: Kidderminster, West midlands UK

Age: 19

Occasions: Glam makeup

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Makeup, truly, is an art form. And Sami is a wonderful example of how to use the face as a canvas for creativity. We love how she let her gorgeous, full brows stand out naturally. She did a great job being playful with her eye shadow too. But to enhance them more, we suggest using an eye shadow primer as base –this will allow the colors to look brighter and bolder for long hours. Applying primer also ensures smoother shadow application that will result in a much cleaner appearance. Sami’s face looks flawless –we like the highlighting technique that left her skin dewy and glowing. For a more flattering color combination however, she could use a lip liner to complement her lipstick of choice. For the glam makeup she is wearing (which is a great look for parties and a fun night out), she could accentuate her dramatic eyes with a lip liner that is close to her natural skin color. This will help give emphasis to her full lips and make her lipstick shade look more vibrant. Cheers to Sami for having fun creating her masterpiece!

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