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Rainbow eyeshadow makeup advice

Name: Jessica

From: Riceville, TN United States

Age: 35

Occasions: Just For Fun

Color is a wonderful thing, and Jessica’s kaleidoscopic makeup is the perfect reminder to live life (and wear makeup) in technicolor. Great for parties, for pride or for simply brightening up one’s day, multi-hued beauty looks not only pay tribute to the ultra-hip color-blocking looks of the ‘60s or the pop-art graphic shadows of the 80’s, but this bold and bright color palette is a surefire way to have fun with makeup. Jessica most likely, first used primer on her eye lids –this step ensures colors stay true and vivid all day –and her eyes are simply flawless. She used a blending technique because no harsh edges are apparent and what is left behind is a smooth gradient of green, blue and purple shadows. And a trick she beautifully executed is “light application” –because it’s always easier to add more, and much harder to take color away when too much is applied. The sleek winged liner also prevented her eyes from getting lost in all the color. Jessica has amazingly long lashes too, but to achieve a more natural look, it is advisable to first wipe extra product from the mascara wand before application. This will result in defined yet soft, natural and clump-free lashes. And for the two-toned lip, a little bit more blending would have created a more polished finish (or that trendy ombré effect). It is also best to veer from blues or purples to avoid a bruise-like appearance.

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