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Simple Yet Stunning

Name: Kayla

From: Myrtle Beach, SC

Occasions: A more serious makeup for a funeral

Simple Makeup

Kayla demonstrates one of the main goals of wearing makeup that is, for people to “notice you and not your makeup.” She wears makeup to celebrate her features and not to camouflage them with too many layers of it, or with too distracting color combinations. Especially for a somber occasion such as a funeral, Kayla has executed the most appropriate makeup look –a clean, fresh face, lined eyes and a modest lip color that exudes that in-between bold and nude lip hue. A little bit more enhancement however, would have perfected the look. An extra coat of mascara would have opened up her yes more, while filling in her brows would have given more definition to her entire look. She also could have lined her lips to accentuate not just the subtle shade, but their full shape as well. Outlining lips with a pencil that's one shade darker than the natural lip color will make them look fuller and more defined. Lip pencils are basically supersaturated matte lipsticks that create a beautiful coat on the lips, giving it long-lasting vibrancy (ideal for a day spent socializing and eating). A little blush on the cheekbones would have provided a touch of healthy glow to her natural look too.

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