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Natural Beauty

Name: Hannah

From: Knoxville, Tennessee U.S.

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Sometimes, the best makeup tip one can apply is simply, restraint. By keeping a makeup look minimal and fresh, natural beauty can truly shine. 15-year old Hannah demonstrates how to have fun with makeup without wearing too much of it. She looks flawless while still looking her age –definitely a great look in and out of the classroom. A nude eye, a swipe of eyeliner and mascara plus a barely-there pink lip, all beautifully allow her to celebrate her youth. She made a great choice in picking a neutral nude for her shadow (it lets her blue eyes pop even more), but a little bit more finesse in its application would have made it perfect. Blending is key. More swipes with a blending brush (those with loose bristles) would have created a more even application minus the hard edges. Hannah also definitely knows how to play up her look when wearing glasses. She does a great job of not hiding behind her frames and actually using them to bring attention to her face. Her highlighter on the brow bone maximizes openness and brightness, while her soft, golden brown shade provides a lovely accent to her eye color. Curling her lashes helped open up her eyes too. By flipping them up, more light is able to reach the eye, making those poppers look bigger and brighter. A softer lip, perhaps in a shade of pink or coral would have paired better with her already striking framed eyes, plus a little blush with subtle shimmer applied on the height of the cheekbone would have enhanced her bone structure too.

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