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night out makeup

Name: Dadiva

From: Coventry, UK

Age: 23

Occasions: Night out makeup

Davida has done a wonderful job with this makeup look. Her skin looks flawless, and the highlighter she applied enhances her natural angles perfectly. Her eyebrows look fierce but still natural, and the silvery white eyeshadow she chose compliments her skin tone wonderfully. She mastered the winged eyeliner, a difficult and time-consuming task. Sometimes when people apply eyeliner, it looks too dark (think My Chemical Romance or old school Fall Out Boy) but the way she applied it is very flattering. She created dimension on her lips by lining them a shade or two darker than the color she chose, and the result is absolutely stunning. The way that she applied the products is also important to note, because she looks glamorous yet not overdone. Dadiva also clearly knows the best colors and techniques that compliment and draw attention to her favorite features. The one thing she might want to consider is that her neck and shoulders are a little darker than the foundation shade she used. It is recommended that when shopping for a foundation, you pick one that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. To fix this, she may want to get a darker foundation for her face, or apply highlighter and the lighter foundation shade she is currently wearing to her neck and shoulder area in order to make the difference in color less noticeable.

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