Festival Makeup

July 21, 2017

Name: Ashley

From: Dundee, Scotland UK

Age: 35

Occasions: Festival makeup

Eyebrows are one of the best ways to dramatically change one’s appearance, and they set the tone for the rest of the facial features. Ashley did a great job with her eyebrows; they appear fuller, longer and very even. Large, noticeable eyebrows are a very popular makeup trend, and she definitely pulls them off. She also did a great job creating even, glowing skin that looks natural and blemish-free. She chose a neutral lip color, which balances out her dramatic eye look nicely. Because festival makeup usually translates into as much glitter, glam and color as possible, false eyelashes are a great idea for that type of event. However, she should have selected a different type of false eyelashes because they appear to be too long along her lash line and look unnatural. They distract from her beautiful eye color, and the complimenting eyeliner and glitter she chose.  We recommend using a pair of starter lashes that are the same length as her own lashes here instead. This would give her eyes a cozier look.


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