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Makeup Gives You Confidence

Name: Audrey

From: Québec, Canada

Age: 20

Occasion: A Soft Prom Makeup

makeup advice

One of the best reasons for wearing makeup is the confidence it can give you, similar to a killer outfit or a new hairstyle. Audrey appears to look more mature as well as happier after the makeup application. She also did a fantastic job matching her eyeshadow to her prom dress. She applied the eyeshadow using a flattering fade effect, starting with a soft color and ending with a darker shade which shows she has knowledge of eyeshadow application and looks amazing on her. It also adds spontaneity to her young face. The soft pink gloss on her lips matches the rosy hue of her cheeks, and it compliments her eyes and skin tone. She looks glamorous, but still natural. She could apply more mascara or fill in her eyebrows a little for an elegant event like this, but overall, she did a great job with this look by choosing colors that compliment her and her dress, as well as not going overboard piling makeup products on.

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