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Name: Asia

From: Fort Sill, OK

Age: 17

There’s nothing like the ritual of putting on makeup to boost self confidence. With just a few strokes and swipes, one gets to instantly feel glamorous, sexy and ready to conquer the world. But makeup should never be a mask, but only a tool to enhance one’s already beautiful features. Asia has done a wonderful job in making her face shine without adding too many layers of makeup. She has created a clean, flawless and glowing canvas that’s perfect for an everyday look (and won’t need more than 5 minutes to achieve). The subtle contouring on the jaw line and bridge of the nose, flatter her face shape well, while the peach lip softens the look, giving her a delicately feminine touch. The glossy finish of the lipstick accentuates her full lips too, providing her look with just the right dose of sultry appeal. But to help complete her fresh, feminine and glowing beauty look, softer and fuller eyebrows would have complemented the makeup better. A fuller arch using eyebrow powder or pencil that’s a shade lighter, would have helped her achieve a less harsh look. Curling up the lashes more, adding more swipes of mascara or subtly lining the lower lash line with eye liner, would have given her more striking eyes too. Applying eye shadow under the lash line should be done sparingly as well, to avoid accentuating under eye circles or a bruised eye look. Overall, Asia was able to achieve a glamorous look she can effortlessly do everyday.

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