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Name: Zoh

From: Occidental, CA

Age: 18

Occasions: A simple photo shoot for clothes

There is some truth in the expression of “feeling naked without makeup” –because wearing makeup is an extension of style –like another accessory to add flair to an outfit. And the combination of fashion and makeup can create some of the most unforgettable looks. Zoh shares some shots from her photo shoot showcasing clothes of her online business, and perfectly illustrates how makeup can compliment an ensemble. She looks bright, fresh, feminine and strong in her look. Full, thick brows give her a youthful look. Curled lashes and a subtle cat-eye flick open up her very expressive eyes. Her red pout is beautifully painted and accents the natural shape of her lips (we can’t help but get drawn to her lovely smile too). This is a great look for a fashion ad that requires vibrant colors that strike the eye. But to translate this look for after the photo shoot, a little bit of softening on the eye area can turn Zoh’s makeup into the perfect everyday look. Blending the bronze shadows more could create a softer finish, complementing the already bold lip (one must always avoid clashing of too strong colors). Subtle eyes can accentuate the red lip more, as well as her red top. A little bit of blush or bronzer on the cheekbone area would have flattered her porcelain complexion as well. Overall, the beauty look makes for a fabulous makeup-and-outfit pair, and has achieved model status fit for Zoh’s fashion brand.

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