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Daytime Smokey Eyes

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Name: Reid

From: Fillmore, NY U.S.

Occasion: Makeup for blog

The smokey eye is a classic look (a favorite of many of our customers) that doesn’t have to be reserved for the hippest parties and the most romantic date nights. Reid is the perfect example of how one can do a subdued version of the dramatic eye and make it daytime –and even age-appropriate. Reid kept everything very subtle –a clean face that flawlessly camouflaged any skin imperfections, natural-looking brows, highlighted cheekbones (which give her a youthful glow) and an overall sun-kissed face that is fabulous for the summer. She added dimension to her eyes by going for a smudge effect on her eye shadow –which is the perfect subtle shade of gray and not the usual heavy, intense charcoals and too-shimmery highlighters of the typical smokey eye. She brushed a darker shadow under her eyes, applied liner with precision and went heavier on the outside corners, opening up her eyes more. Tip: drawing attention to the corner of the eyes gives the illusion that the face is triangular in shape, making it look leaner. Reid played up her lush lashes with swipes of mascara, making the whole eye area look brighter and more awake. The glossy peach lip wonderfully pairs with her eyes as well. For a 16-year old, we really like this much softer version of the smokey eye. It’s a simple, no-fuss look that she can easily pull off and have more time to enjoy some summer fun.

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