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She's Nailed The Everyday Makeup Look!

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Name: Emily

From: Bayfield, Colorado U.S.

Age: 18

Occasions: Every day makeup

When we saw Emily’s submission, her pictures instantly caught our eyes because we knew that she has really nailed the everyday makeup look! Why? If Emily didn’t send us the first picture, we could hardly tell that she actually has any makeups on. She was able to hide her blemishes and even out her skin tone without looking like she is wearing too much foundation. The mascara and eyeliner on her give her eyes just a little pop, which is absolutely perfect for a daytime wear. Although Emily’s makeup look is almost flawless, we still think that she could take this look to a higher level. In order to accomplish that, our makeup experts have a couple of tips for her. First, we would recommend applying bronzer. Her bronzer should be applied in the shape of a “3” from the top to the bottom of her face on both sides, starting with her forehead. Lightly sweep the brush along the outer sides of her upper forehead and along her hairline. Next, apply the bronzer to her cheekbones. This will add just a little color back into her face and give her a nice sun-kissed look. Secondly, we also suggest using a little lip gloss here. The lip gloss itself wouldn't add any color, but it would give her lips a bit of a pop as well as keeping them hydrated (which is very important). The nice thing we like about this makeup application is that it can transition easily into night/going out makeup, where all Emily needs to do is to add either a bold lip color or just a little dark eye shadow in her eye crease and blend upward. She has our thumbs-up for her fabulous work.

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