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Subtle Glam

Name: Denisha

From: Louisville, MS United States

Age: 28

Occasions: Birthday Makeup

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A special occasion will of course, require a more glamorous beauty look and Denisha has picked the perfect, birthday makeup color composition that exudes flair without going overboard –it’s a lovely mix of sweet and sultry, making her look fresh yet adequately dolled up for an event. Her use of a plum color palette instead of dark charcoals for her smokey eye, gives a fun, festive touch to her look. The application of a frosty light shadow highlights the brow area while accentuating her striking eyes and eyebrows on fleek. The pale pink lip complements her dramatic eyes too. But for the most natural look, she could have matched the foundation on the face with her neck. Here’s a tip: When shopping for foundation and making skin tests, one should pick a shade that disappears into the skin and matches the neck most closely. The goal of applying foundation is to even out the skin's tone and not to create a mask of mismatched color. A sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer can provide coverage without the need of applying too many layers, and a wet sponge can also help lighten up the application. And if the foundation is too light, one could deepen the shade by adding bronzer and blush. Denisha could have brushed some bronzing powder on the neck and chest area to help bring the entire look together.

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