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Metallic Eyes

Name: Savannah

From: York, PA United States

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We truly enjoy seeing our customers take risks with their makeup. And Savannah here has definitely pulled off her bold choice of colors for her eye makeup. Metallic eyes are a major hit on the runways but trust us, anyone can sport the glitzy makeup. Savannah beautifully demonstrates this by wearing a copper and gold combo. It’s almost like a fresh take on a graphic ‘60s eye –bold hues, bold strokes. It’s beautiful how she simply dabs the gold pigment over the copper shadow and in the inner corners of her eyes. It somehow softens the highly-dramatic look. However, we suggest using another lip color. Pink is too contrasting with the metallic shades, and so a softer coral or nude lip would have been a better choice. Or, a trick that can be used for having subtle lips is toning the pout with concealer, then topping it with sheer nude gloss.

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