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Fresh Face

Name: Sarah

From: San Diego, CA United States

Age: 23

Occasion: Day time with the hubby

Fresh Face

We are thrilled to see Sarah back with another makeup look! Nothing gives us more pleasure and satisfaction than having our customers share our mutual love for makeup. Another thing that makes us happy? Sarah’s daytime look that proves that sometimes, less is more. It’s so wonderful to see her looking beautiful and radiant in her natural-looking makeup. Her foundation was flawlessly applied (no caking!), successfully emphasizing her natural glow. She also demonstrates how a thin cat-eye flick (achieved when using gel or liquid pen eyeliner) can be worn during the day, and how it gives her look the right amount of flirty flair (for sure the hubby appreciates that). The peach lip is very day-appropriate too and is a perfect match for the barely-there eye makeup. She has precisely shaped brows but we suggest having them filled in more for a fuller finish. Take note: Having fuller brows is more flattering on the face and will give any look a more youthful touch.

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