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Accentuating the Assets

Name: Sarah

From: San Diego, CA United States

Age: 23

false lashes

Sarah successfully embodies the phrase, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” She plays up her strong features, particularly her large, expressive eyes and plump lips with her use of makeup. White shimmer on the tear ducts helped her achieve a wide awake look, while the set of false lashes defined her eye area. Who doesn’t love the fluttery look that only long and thick lashes can achieve? For Sarah however, a more natural-looking set of eyelashes might be the more ideal choice, because the goal of every beauty look should be to enhance the features without getting an over the top finish. Bolder and fuller brows would have paired well with her eyes as well. But we applaud her for taking a risk with her use of eye shadow. Sometimes, the go-to nude palette should be given a rest in favor of more playful colors such a pink, peach and gold. As for the lips, her choice of a simple gloss effortlessly complemented her full lips. Overall, Sarah’s makeup is a great example of using facial assets to one’s advantage and taking a risk with livelier color choices and combinations.

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