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Less is Often More When It Comes to Makeup

Name: Anna

From: Cardiff, South Wales UK

Age: 28

Occasions: Party Makeup

makeup helps

Anna's makeup look is extremely eye-catching and glamorous, and one might even think that she was a model getting ready for a photo shoot. The eyeshadow she applied is impossible to ignore, and the different shades work well together. Even in a dimly lit nightclub or party, her eyes would stand out and make an impression. However, in the light of daytime, it would appear that the products on her face are caked on and overpowering. She has very beautiful skin naturally as we can see in the first picture, and she should take full advantage of that by leaving it bare or only adding a little blush, highlight and/or contour. She also might want to consider adding lip liner and a darker shade of lipstick to create depth for her lips, the way that she did for her eyes. When it comes to makeup, less is often more, and adding too much product creates an unrealistic and overdone outcome. It is better to focus on enhancing one’s natural features, rather than changing or hiding them.

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