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Sunset Eyes: The Perfect Go-To Summer Night Makeup Style

Name: Michaela

From: Maryland, United States

Age: 20

Sunset Eyes

If makeup is an indication of someone’s personality, then Michaela is extremely confident and full of passion. Although she did not provide us with a sans-makeup picture, we can see that she applied the cosmetics very professionally. Her foundation looks immaculate. She emphasized her cheekbones and the natural shape of her face without overdoing the bronze color. Michaela is also clearly up to date on makeup trends. The sunset-like colors she chose for her eyeshadow are extremely popular with makeup artists, celebrities and beauty bloggers, and the cut crease way she applied them is truly an art form itself. Even when following eyeshadow tutorials closely, it takes a lot of practice to get the perfect edge and dimension that she has created. With the combination of her fierce, lengthy eyelashes, her eyes are unforgettable. Her matte lipstick color balances out her glittery eyeshadow and pulls together this look flawlessly.

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