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Shaping And Contouring

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Shaping And Contouring

As if taught by Kim Kardashian herself, she did a flawless job enhancing her natural face shape and structure by contouring. This makeup technique is now wildly popular and incorporated into many daily makeup routines. The most important part of contouring is finding the thin line between the perfect amount and completely overdoing it, but this girl was right on target with her application. She successfully achieved a subtle yet chiseled, Instagram-filtered look while avoiding the harsh, streaky and clown-like appearance that occurs when contour is applied excessively and improperly blended. Her foundation’s pigment works wonderfully with her skin tone and expertly covers any blemishes while remaining natural and smooth. Her eyebrows are a great example of what many makeup junkies would label as “eyebrow goals”: they are perfectly arched, full and bold but not over-the-top. Her lipstick is a soft pink-mauve color which is perfect for daytime. Her eyeshadow looks fabulous with the rest of her makeup if she was attending a night out on the town or a party. It’s much too dark and heavy for a routine daytime look. She should swap the harsh, smokey eyeshadow in favor of one that is much more low-key and casual such as a soft peach, a pale gold or a light brown.

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