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A Natural Tan

Name: Unknown

From: Unknown

Age: Unknown

simple makeup

This model’s look is simply gorgeous, from her skin to her long straight locks of hair. Her foundation may appear a little heavy in the second picture, but don’t be fooled. That’s because she simply replaced the pink blush that we generally apply with a darker shade of tan to achieve a natural sun kissed flow. Also, sometimes makeup appears heavier in pictures as a result from different lighting. If you look at this model’s skin tone from her upper chest to her neck, you’ll see the products applied on her face are very evenly blending. There is no “tan line”. Her overall makeup application doesn't look overdone or fake at all. To add some dimension and shaping to her lips, she could try using a little brighter lipstick or gloss paired with a lipliner. However, picking a right color for lipstick is never an easy task. Her overall application works great during summer time.

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