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A Natural Tan

Name: Unknown

From: Unknown

Age: Unknown

simple makeup

Get ready to be wowed by this model's stunning appearance! From her flawless skin to her long and luscious straight hair, she exudes effortless beauty.

You may think her foundation looks a bit heavy in the second picture, but don't be deceived. The model has simply swapped out her usual pink blush for a darker shade of tan, resulting in a natural sun-kissed glow that's perfect for any season. Plus, different lighting can sometimes make makeup appear heavier in photos.

Take a closer look at the model's skin tone, and you'll notice that her makeup is evenly blended from her upper chest to her neck. There are no unsightly "tan lines" here! Overall, her makeup application looks perfectly natural and not overdone in the slightest.

For a little extra pop, the model could experiment with brighter lipstick or gloss and a lipliner to add dimension and shape to her lips. But as we all know, finding the right lip color can be a challenge! Regardless, her overall look is ideal for summertime and beyond. Get inspired by this stunning model's makeup mastery!

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