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Burt's Bees Introduced New Products

Generally found on the shelves of most pharmacies, Burt's Bees was the brand that basically introduced natural-ingredient makeup to the general public and made it not just affordable and practical, but also kind of chic. In the past, Burt's Bees would definitely not be the brand you look for when you are searching for a new bold night-out lipstick or a flawless foundation. Up until now, for the most part Burt's Bees created a variety of basic-colored lip tints, balms as well as some great skincare products. These products do exactly what you want them to do. The new products, which include a variety of lipsticks with new colors, mascaras, foundations, among other items, are now available on the company's website and will launch in stores like Walmart and CVS this September. The cosmetics only contain natural ingredients and they are not outrageously pricy. Will the new products live up to the popularity of the original yellow lip balm? We'll have to see if they can create flawless complexions and elongated eyelashes as well as they fix chapped lips.

Burt's bees new products


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