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Name: Caitlyn

From: Seven Springs, NC

Occasion: Everyday Makeup

We always encourage our customers to experiment with makeup. Makeup, after all, is a form of self-expression –so we always appreciate beauty looks that are bold and creative. Caitlyn for instance, enjoys wearing a glam look during the day – and we love how confident she is in her look! We think the light taupe eye shadow is perfect for daytime and when combined with a pink or soft mauve lip and mini feline flick, the look is utterly feminine, with a sultry touch (appropriate for Caitlyn’s date nights too). The glossy finish on the lip was a good call as well, since shine reflects and absorbs light, naturally enhancing the lips and making them look fuller. A little improvement with eye shadow application however, would have resulted in a cleaner and more polished look. When applying eye shadow, one must remember to tap off excess shadow before brushing onto the eyelids. This will prevent patchy, uneven and super-pigmented lids. Also, the majority of the pigment should be concentrated on the outer corner and then blended to diffuse the color up and out. This will help achieve a softer and more even finish, as well as the illusion of a lifted eye. And for more dimension, the addition of another shade or two would have achieved a gradient finish. A darker shadow on the crease adds more drama and will open the eyes more, plus a lighter shade on the brow area will highlight the eye makeup too.

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