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Sometimes it's hard to write about something that is “bad”. What makes it difficult is that “bad” means criticism, and some folks don’t take criticism easily. When dealing with makeup artistry, you have to learn that all advice is good advice. Without helpful tips, you may not be able to achieve the look you are striving for, so always be open to some healthy suggestions! Here, for this model’s makeup, the first impression may be that this looks like makeup done on a corpse or someone out of a horror movie. However, it depends on what the occasion the look is for. We have seen models with the most bizarre makeup at fashion shows. So, if this look is for a fashion show or for a holiday such as Halloween we would have to say it is acceptable. This is why it’s important to tell us what occasion your makeup look is for when sending your submissions. Luckily, this is not a real submission, so we know are aren’t hurting anyone’s feelings by writing this construction criticism. The second picture seems more like a Photoshop joke rather than a real makeup look. However, without telling us what occasion your look is for, we can’t be sure. The bottom line is: don’t put too much white powder and highlighter on your face, as you will appear very pale and people may think your look is for a Halloween Costume!

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