A Fairytale Princess

July 2, 2017

Name: Unknown

From: Unknown

Age: Unknown


This look reminds us of a real-life Disney princess!  While she isn’t wearing a wig, a dress, or super heavy makeup, this girl here still achieved the look of royalty! Since she is already a natural beauty sans makeup, the goal here was to amplify the beautiful features she already has. Her foundation is very light, almost invisible. This look doesn’t require thick layers of foundation. Since her skin is in very good condition, the cosmetics applied to cover her face should be minimal. Her blush was applied evenly to achieve a natural rosy appearance. A simple highlight on her paired amazingly well with the hazel/black eyeshadow. It makes her blue eyes look extraordinary. Our favorite part about this look is her lips. This lipstick color may not standout as much on its own, but with the combination of this girl’s natural lip color and in connection with the whole makeup application, her lips just pop. Eyes and lips that stand out are essential goals for all look, and as you can see here, she has definitely conquered both!


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